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About the Landscape Partnership

A Landscape-scale Conservation Approach

The Landscape Partnership portal is an interactive platform where landowners and professionals from any agency, organization or industry can share technical information, host GIS mapping products and a variety of decision-support tools, view and download online learning materials, find out about partnership activities and newly funded projects, and identify technical experts who are available to provide assistance.

The portal is unique on four fronts: 1) it is open and available to everyone who is interested regardless of hardware or software limitations, 2) it allows landowners and professionals to interact with one another and with posted materials in either public or private space (the latter is password controlled for sensitive information), 3) it can be linked to any traditional website that a partner wants to include to magnify their message and availability, 4) For Information on Event Planning, free services, and/or request your own private workspace for event planning. SEE Guide Below for more Information.

Large-scale landscape conservation must be highly integrated and coordinated to be effective, and the Landscape Partnership portal has been designed to provide integrated capabilities not found elsewhere to serve partnership communities and assist them in achieving their goals by identifying shared areas of interest, developing the tools and products necessary for action, and helping coordinate conservation delivery.

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Digital Security is a priority for this site. The site will comply with all relevant internet regulations such as the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations. The new site will be routinely run through HARM assessments inside the Federal government (DOS) for emerging vulnerabilities.


A Landscape Partnership Guide to Collaboration and Communication Tools - Read online:



Download the Catalogue as a PDF