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Technical User Support

This folder contain resources and How-To guides to utilize technical resources provided on the Appalachian LCC portal. This includes information for using published GIS web based tools and applications, accessing data, data policy, and FTP resources.

How to Use the Expertise Database

The Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) is excited to announce the launching of its unique Member Directory, an expert database tool that is bringing together a diverse range of individuals and expertise interested in participating in landscape conservation efforts throughout the region. This database will be an ideal tool for colleagues to seek out and communicate with others in their field of interest and identify experts to collaborate on projects. The LCC can also use the database to identify individuals to serve as technical experts for project development, review, and other advisory needs. The Directory will help us create a dynamic conservation community network for the Appalachian region.

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Decision Support Tools Help

This document details the steps on how to use the Energy Forecast tool, the riparian restoration decision support tool, and to find priority scores using the GeoNode Conservation Design Portal.

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How to Use FTP to Upload Files to the Portal

Instructions for using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with an FTP client for uploading batches of files to the portal.

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