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Notes - GACP Meeting - April 19th

Notes and resource files posted after the meeting.

Final Agenda with Hotlinks

To the April 19th Partners meeting at NCTC.

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Session 1 - List of Attendees

List of all those invited / attended.

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Session 2 - State Perspective

Notes from the NCTC April 19th meeting at NCTC.

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Session 4 - Working Lands

Perspective from Partners working closely with the economic-sector and/or cultural/heritage landscape.

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Session 5 - Resolution

A review and revision of the "Resolution" or "Statement of Commitment" the partners started in December Working Group. These are the Discussion Notes with a link to the working document (open to the partners to continue to add review comments, recommendations, and propose revisions.) For questions contact Bridgett Costanzo, NRCS.

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Session 6 - Research Presentation & Discussion Notes

notes on the presentation and following discussion point

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Session 7 - Brainstorming and Action Items

Session from 2-4pm; • What guidance can we offer to the National and Regional Conservation Efforts? • What priority request for science delivery (application/staff-fellowship) and Project-level support across the region if FY18 Allocations available? • How can our science partners keep the vision & forward movement on this important conservation agenda: i.e., contribute to the larger and longer-term vision of advancing the art/science/fellowship of system-conservation? • (continue) What is the Statement of Commitment of the new and reengaging partnership – aspects of funding, staffing(fellowship), etc… & [ID next steps]

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