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Important Migratory Landbird Stopover Sites

From warblers to hummingbirds to orioles, dozens of species of landbirds pass through the Northeastern United States during their annual migrations between breeding grounds in the United States and Canada to wintering grounds as far south as South America. In order to survive these long journeys, they need to be able to find areas to stop, rest, and replenish their energy along the way. Based on weather surveillance data and field surveys, this report and accompanying spatial data identify stopover sites across the region that are important for sustaining migratory landbird populations, offering guidance for resource managers to focus conservation efforts.

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Project Contact(s):

, Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware

LCC Staff Contact(s):

, Science Coordinator

Important Migratory Landbird Stopover Sites
Resource Type: Birds
Conservation Targets: Terrestrial and non-tidal wetland
Conservation Framework: Biological Planning, Assumption-based Research
Threats/Stressors: Development/Urban Growth, Energy Development
Conservation Action: Site/area protection, Site/area management, Species management, Species recovery